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Access Control Specialist

Access control is a great way to grant or restrict access to an area. Controlling who can or cannot have access to certain areas of your facility can be extremely important and even a matter of life or death. There are many different options out there for many different situations and trying to figure out the best option for your situation can be tough. Dugmore & Duncan can discuss the different options available and help you figure out your needs.

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ASSA ABLOY Authorized Channel Partners (ACP)

Authorized Channel Partner

Dugmore & Duncan is an ASSA ABLOY Door Security Group Authorized Channel Partner. The Authorized Channel Partner (ACP) program allows Dugmore & Duncan to provide ASSA ABLOY technology products and support to those who have completed the ASSA ABLOY Certified Integrator (CI) program.

Access Control Supplies

Access Control Supplies

There are many different options when it comes to Access Control. Depending on what options you choose for your system will determine what other supplies are needed. Power supplies, wires, and installation tools are just some of the items that are available.

Health Card Solutions

Health Care Solutions

Health care facilities have a variety of enviroments in which special hardware is needed. Whether for low, medium, or high risk areas, health care facilities have to fill their hardware needs to provide for the safety of their staff & patients. Adding access control to every door and drawer helps provide for the health and safety of your patients and staff.


School Security Solutions

School Security Solutions

In todays environment school safety is becoming more important by the day. Having a safe environment for your students and staff can become a challange as classroom safety, fire control, and ADA requirements are just a few things you need to worry about. Having the right access contol system in place can help with solutions to these problems.